Trade Barriers and Winning Against International Terrorists

Today, we have heard a lot about Pakistan-Russian relationship but very few people know how closely Russian Islamabad relations are tied. First of all, it is very interesting to note that both countries have good and bad international relations. Russia considers Pakistan an important neighbor and supports its territorial integrity. On the other hand, Pakistan views itself as a strategic partner of Russia and appreciates its support in fighting international terrorism. The following discussion highlights about Pakistan and Russia relations.

In fact, during the early years of Pakistan’s international terrorism support, Moscow provided financial and material support to Islamabad in its fight against international terrorists. Moscow is aware that Washington is not fully supporting Pakistan in its fight against international terrorists as some officials in Washington see it. However, it has emerged recently that Moscow is ready to back up its words with actions. There have been reports that Russian authorities are preparing to increase air strikes on international terrorists in Pakistan. This can only mean that Moscow wants to raise the political temperature to force the US to take a tougher stand against International Terrorism in Pakistan.

It is quite possible that Russia wants to keep Pakistan as a good friend because it has close neighbors too like India and Afghanistan. Moreover, Russian support to Pakistan is also aimed at preventing International Terrorist Attacks in neighboring countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. It is clear that the primary motive of Russian support for Islamabad is to stop International Terrorism. After all, terrorism is one of the major reasons why Pakistan lost the struggle against the Taliban and al Qaeda in the first place. It should be noted that there is a difference between International Terrorism and domestic terrorism. So, it appears that Russia is trying to win the hearts of Americans by supporting International Terrorism.

Further, it is evident from the kind of relations Pakistan enjoys with China that China is happy with the kind of relationship Pakistan enjoys with Russia. Hence, good trade relations and free trade zones along the border do strengthen bilateral ties. Moreover, the economy of Pakistan is growing fast due to liberalization, which is encouraging investment and commerce. This further enables Pakistan to attract foreign investment, and improve its economy.

In addition, it is true that many international terrorists have entered Pakistan through Afghanistan. Thus, it is obvious that we cannot afford to loose any more to international terrorists. Our efforts to restrict their activities are being supported by the US. To be on the safe side, it is necessary for Pakistan to stop supporting International Terrorism. However, it is equally important for us to find out how Russian support to Pakistan affects our efforts to stop International Terrorism in Pakistan and in the Baluchistan province.

The first question is whether the trade deficit will increase due to the increased exports? Yes, it is possible that the trade deficit will increase. However, this can only be good for Pakistan. If there is a rise in exports, then it means that domestic demand will also be higher, which will increase business activity and eventually lead to production. This will generate jobs, income and stabilize economy.

Secondly, we must discuss the impact of trade barriers on terrorism. There are two facts here. First, if there is increase in exports, then obviously the country’s gross domestic product will go up. This means increase in tax income, investment, infrastructure development and so on. Moreover, there is increase in employment, which will lead to increase in tax income and so on.

Moreover, it is undeniable fact that Islamabad is fighting international terrorism very hard. There are more arrests of terrorist suspects every month. Furthermore, recently appointed finance minister Suhayati Yousaf took tough stance on the terrorism. He said that Pakistan will not be humiliated and will fight international terrorism tooth and nail. It seems that these measures are working really well to tackle international terrorism in Pakistan.