Environmental Issues and the News

The world has certainly gone though extreme environmental changes over time. Some of these changes have been harmful to various species and even their own natural environments. Some have even been illegal, mass deforestation resulting in massive amounts of loss of the Amazon’s forest cover.

Because of this we as humans have created an environmental mess that impacts us all directly by the effects that it has had on our environment. Human beings are indirectly effected by many of the environmental issues in this world. These issues include global warming, acid rain, air pollution, soil erosion and others. It is no surprise then that these types of issues are discussed and written about with the intent of helping us better understand what needs to be done.

Global warming is one of the more prominent environmental issues of our time. Global warming is believed to be the result of human activity such as industrialization, fossil fuels and other forms of energy production. The evidence surrounding this issue is increasingly mounting as we see evidence around the globe of global warming. Global warming is believed to be the result of the absorption of greenhouse gases (GHGs), which occur in the atmosphere due to the increase in Earth’s temperature. These gases cause the Earth to warm up. Some experts believe that the warming of the Earth is a result of natural cycles, but others believe that manmade causes are to be blamed for this phenomenon.

Acid rain is another of the many different environmental issues impacting us today. Acid rain is thought to be caused by the interaction between a increases in atmospheric oxygen and pollutants in the water cycle. As the levels of these pollutants increase, they react with natural organisms in the ocean, and the resulting effect is acid rain. This issue is most commonly found in the tropics, causing irreversible damage to forests and other plant life.

Global warming and acid rain are two of many environmental issues which cause major problems every day. How can we address these global issues? The first step is education, as only by weeding out the misinformation will we be able to correct the problems. In addition, we must adapt to changing climate change. The following are some ways in which we can adapt to climate change:

Reduce overpopulation: The reduction of overpopulation can affect many environmental issues, especially global warming and acid rain. Overpopulation can lead to overgrowth of certain species in a given area, and as the number of animals increases, so does the pressure on natural resources, which in turn can negatively impact native wildlife. For example, in some areas overpopulation has led to the stripping of forest to create more habitat for these animals. Thus, articles related to endangered species should be considered when writing about global issues.

Effective management: Effective management of natural resources and environmental issues is important in both reducing environmental impact and preserving biodiversity. Managers must also be aware of the threats and risks to biodiversity and ecosystems as well as the consequences of their actions. For example, in regard to the reduction in wildlife populations, effective management strategies must be implemented to preserve and reintroduce species which are vital to the ecosystems, while at the same time reducing human interference.

Solutions: A solution to environmental issues can be found through effective management. In addition to effective management, a greater awareness of the dangers and solutions to environmental issues must be disseminated. For example, when dealing with water pollution a greater involvement from citizens must be made. There are various environmental issues which face the United States, and as people become more educated they can contribute to solutions which prevent serious damage to the environment, such as water pollution.