What Causes and Effects of Global Warming?

The effects of global warming are being felt around the world today. Human activities are a major cause for changing the earths environment. Other causes that contribute to global warming include; increased greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, the burning of fossil fuels and the release of carbon dioxide from industry, changes in the soil, and many other natural occurrences. It is these natural occurrences and the human activities that are causing global warming.

There have been many theories put forth as to what is behind global warming. Some of them are: the greenhouse effect, solar heat, the sun’s radiation, and the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Each theory has their own opinion and explanation as to why the earth has undergone changes. There are several conflicting points of view on global warming. Many scientists believe that man’s activities are a significant cause of the rapid changes in the earths atmosphere.

One of the most predominant effects of global warming is the change in the earths temperature. During the last century, the earths temperature has warmed at a rate that is faster than the normal rate of climate change. Over the last fifty years, global temperatures have been increasing at a rate of about 1 degree every decade. This rate is considered to be the fastest rate of temperature increases in the history of the earth.

A major result of global warming is the changes in the earths atmosphere. The atmosphere is becoming warmer than the surrounding environment. This has many natural impacts. For instance; clouds are evaporating at an alarming rate and this has a negative impact on plant life. The rapid changes in the earths environment is having a major impact on natural wildlife.

Changes in the earths atmospheric conditions are causing changes in the earths ocean currents. These changes are affecting animals around the world. Ocean currents play an important role in regulating the earths temperature. They also help to keep the earths surface warm, this helps to keep the earths atmosphere stable. One of the major effects of global warming is the disruption of natural ocean circulation.

Another effect of global warming is the disruption of the natural order of nature. glaciers are shrinking and falling at a rapid rate. This leads to the reduction of sea level. The Arctic sea ice is disappearing at a very fast rate. This is a very disturbing natural process.

One of the most severe effects of global warming is the increase in the earths temperature. This is creating some of the strongest storms ever witnessed in the modern era. Hurricanes are being documented as being stronger than they have ever been before. All these natural factors together are putting severe stress on the earths environment.

There are many other natural causes of global warming. But the main culprits are the greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere by human activity. There are other natural processes that also seem to be having an impact on the earths climate. When you learn what causes and effects of global warming you will know what you need to do to save our planet.

When we think about the warming of the earths atmosphere we should first consider the length of time that it has taken for the warming to take place. The earths surface temperature varies by about 14C daily. If this rate continues we could be well in for some very nasty winters. When thinking about the long term effects of global warming we should also consider the changes that could take place in the food production. This would mean that the world would be under severe pressure to change its food production patterns.

When we look at the natural factors that cause the changes in the earths temperature we should remember that a big part of this natural process is affected by human activity. The increase in greenhouse gases has led to a rapid increase in the earths temperatures. This has lead to a shift in the earths orbit around the sun. This means that the earth is now in an elliptical orbit rather than a circular orbit. This has serious effects on the earths environment and could lead to sudden global warming. The effects of global warming are not confined to the earths atmosphere; they also affect the earths oceans and atmosphere.

The effects of global warming can be seen all over the world. Evidence of global warming can be found in ice cores as well as in ancient rock samples. The evidence of past global warming shows evidence of volcanic eruptions which in turn cause cooling of the ocean surface. Evidence of recent global warming shows evidence of a sharp decrease in solar activity.

All the major contributors to the rising of the earths temperature are: fossil fuels burning in power plants, deforestation, nuclear power plants, carbon dioxide release by burning fossil fuels etc. The process of global warming will continue until such time that we find a way of regulating or storing the increases of the earths temperature. If we continue down this road there is no telling what kind of devastation the earths environment will undergo. If you want to help save our environment from further destruction you should start learning about global warming and how to stop it. It is not too late to save our planet; help yourself today.