What are online slots and how exactly do they work?

Until a few years ago we were used to seeing slot machines exclusively in casinos, arcades and bars

Today we are witnessing a continuous growth of online casinos that offer users to try the slots directly on the web: from the PC or via mobile.

In practice, online slots are the web version of the classic slot machines, made with cutting-edge software and with operations similar to those we were used to before having these virtual versions available and represent a very popular pastime by those who frequent casinos. online.

Substantial welcome bonuses, eye-catching graphics and a multitude of games are the main features of these online tools, accessible quickly and easily from any type of device. For example, those who love to play from mobile and have a wide choice available can consult this site, one of the most innovative from every point of view

Here’s how they work:

As in the case of traditional slots, even those online have similar characteristics, that is, regardless of the bonuses offered and who produced the game, these slots do not require special skills that can increase the probability of winning, but rely on a random algorithm. called Random Number Generator (RNG) , a certified system that guarantees randomness.

The methodology is therefore the same as for traditional slots: the user chooses the number of lines on which he intends to bet (when this is possible), decides the amount of each individual bet and then starts the spin of the reels of the slot.

While the way to play is simple, it can be difficult for a new user to understand everything right away. Below is the definition of the single most common functions:

What are reels and symbols

The reels are the various columns that appear on the slots screen and their number is variable, depending on the type of game, although usually the games have 5 reels. Within these reels run different symbols (and wild cards) that determine the winning combinations and among these some can activate special bonuses.

What are the paylines

These are the lines on which it is possible to align different symbols and obtain a winning combination and also in this case the number is variable. Usually the possible lines range from 1 to 243 , but in certain games the player can choose to increase or decrease the active lines, while in others they are fixed.

What is Paytable

In practice, it is the instruction booklet that each slot has and that contains info on payments and other information, to always consult before playing .

Number of tokens (Level)

It is the function that allows you to decide the number of tokens to be used for each game.

Token value (Coins)

This function concerns the setting of the coins which, together with the number of lines that are active and the number of coins used, allows you to decide the total bet for each bet you want to make.


Represents the tokens that the player still has available.

Total bet (Bet)

It is the total value for the next game, the result given by the active lines, the number of chips and the value of each chip.

These are the main functions of https://lanfordequipment.com/, but each game may have other characteristics, defined by the software manufacturer. In any case, most of the slots are easy to use and you just have to choose from the many games that are offered.